The Missing Link…

The missing link is like a really creepy thing, thats like missing an stuff, an like its really wierd cause its a link, but it missing, and im like really, like finding it like really really awesome that the whole world in America also knows about the link thats like missing, cause its supposed to be something that has to do with our past and stuff…

Its aged between 12 to 24 , male or female, has either dropped out of high school, or probably will never go beyond high school, and lives in a silo in the Carolinas, Dakotas, Georgia, Utah, Nebraska and about 30 more similar states. Its called the missing link.

Arguably, no single nation has impacted the globe like the United States does. Not even the United Kingdom of the nineteenth century which boasted of an empire on which the sun never set, nor the persian or the roman empires. I say this because their impact was limited to their colonies, or the waters that their ships sailed by, or the nations that they traded with. You actaully whole continents devoid of any impact from these empires. Compared to that the United States with its policies impacts each and every individual on the face of the planet today in multiple dimensions. The most potent of which is the price of gasoline fuel.

So it bothers me when a nation that has such a profound impact on the whole planet, has a next generation that is actually getting it devastatingly wrong. What’s the missing link? Every time I interact with an American teenager, and I compare my experience with a Chinese, Indian or even European teenager, I feel amused, confused and finally worried. How can a nation that seems to get every thing else right, get this basic fact so wrong. Fact is, the next American generation is living a fad, and is actually constituted of people who will end up working in Wal Mart stores making less than USD 3,000 per month. What’s the missing link here?


2 thoughts on “The Missing Link…

  1. The answer to the missing link is in the article itself’cause its supposed to be something that has to do with our past and the history proclaims that the downfall of a civilazation starts when it is on the peak…Ironically the writer is only talking in terms of making money….’making less than USD3,000 per month’

  2. When I started reading this post I thought there was something wrong with you “like totally” hehe. I really do like the way you write.

    Anyways, Maybe its the take it for granted thing. They don’t feel the need to work hard cuz they’ve already gotten where they wanted to get. And the whole image they have of themselves…we’re the best and no one can be better.

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