The Parallel Reason…

Reason suggests that there is a logical explanation for every event that takes place on g(G)od’s earth, and most of those explanations have either money i.e. power behind them, or scientific forces behind them. So here is the split, all human actions have money aka power behind them, all heavenly actions have science behind them. So colonization, the first and second world wars, vietnam, korea, afghanistan all had power behind them. Earth quakes, volcanic activities, tsunamis over the centuries have perfect scientific reasons behind them.
Having said that, there is a parallel reason, and that is religion! Religion knows no logic, and is certainly not scientific in nature. Consider the crusades, the global terrorism activities in the name of God, the revolt against petty cartoons, surely there is no logic behind these actions. The actions of the church in the dark ages, the differential treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, the caste discrepancy in India, surely religion knows no logic, yet I look around and I see people so passionate about what they believe in, surely this is a parallel reason…


One thought on “The Parallel Reason…

  1. aaah uve got to write more on this. U can’t just end it :). By the way the actions of the church, differential treatment of women and the caste discrepancy can all be explained by the powerful wanting to remain powerful. Its got more to do with power than religion u know.

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