The Bloody Mary

I have always preferred the virgin mary to the bloody mary. All they do is impregnate the drink with a bit of tomato juice and make it bloody, and while the black pepper and all taste all nice, what really makes it all crappy is the fact that the pinch in the juice becomes all cramped up.

The virgin mary on the other hand, sounds so original, from purity comes an effect that is expected to give you sensation more popularly known as a high

However, the bloody mary that you see up their has to be the most pathetically shaken yet most artistically set up drink i’ve had. I’m sticking to on the rocks, pure and does the job, instantaneously

bottoms up!


One thought on “The Bloody Mary

  1. there is an award for you ..go to my blog and get it .. call of the wild ..is the blog name ..gud luck
    and great reading your blogs always

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