Coming to life…

There is a daze in my eyes, can’t see clearly, who am I, where am I, the daze disappears when I close my eyes, replaced by complete darkness. There is light on the roof, somethings about this are very familiar, though I have never been here before. I look around to see what else is going on…

There are several people over me, I focus on one of them. She is a girl, dressed in white, judging by her head gear, she seems to be a nurse, I hear voices around me, can’t seem to make out what they are talking about. There is a pain in my head, my arms hurt, where are you? Its another voice, I tilt my head, and judging by the outfits and the gears, I can say its a doctor asking me, I think, and I say Chicago. She nods her head, what year is this, I have to think twice, 2008? She nods again, month, this is getting too close for comfort, Juuu-ly. She nods again, wonder if i qualify for the hundred thousand dollars yet? What date is it, I don’t remember, she smiles, thats alright, you’ve virtually come back to life…


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