The stork that erred!

The Saudi government has asked the Interpol to help them capture a special breed of criminals so that they may be punished as per the Islamic law, i.e. put to death. This special breed of criminals is called religious deviants. If you understand this, it basically means, you were born a Muslim and decided to well, whither away from this rather strict religion. Barak Obama’s father is one of them, I wonder if they are looking for him as well?

I have interacted with Arabs all my life, and it is with great experience that I proclaim, and I know this is a generalization yet I take the risk of passing a sweeping statement of this order, Arabs are stupid. Only a race as stupid as Arabs would actually ask the Interpol to help them trace religious deviants so that they may be put to the sword. They’re not looking for terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, serial killers, money launderers; they want to find religious deviants. The more I think about it the more it, well angers me, it angers me to think someone could be that stupid. Notice that this is the third time that I have used the word stupid for them…

It’s even more ridiculous to add to the equation the fact that I was born in Saudi Arabia. This is one fact that I have to live with, I was born in Saudi fucking Arabia, and I have absolutely no qualms in admitting the fact that I am actually ashamed of it. Even though it is not my fault, the freaking stork got it wrong, I was so meant to be thrown down in one of the Scandinavian countries, or somewhere along the northern Mediterranean, even the United States would have sufficed. Yes I have used the word sufficed again!


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