The ID phenomenon

I hate being ID’ed, it’s just as plain and simple as that. When a bar tender asks me to show him or her my ID, it’s a major turn off. On the contrary the feminine kind accompanying me, are actually hoping that get ID’ed, actually gives them an ego boost, thinking that they actually still look under 18.

But here is the interesting phenomenon that I have observed, I have never seen a female bar tender ID a girl, it’s the guys that are always IDing the girls. Isn’t it easy for them, just ask for the ID and make the girl happy, all of a sudden she gets all friendly and chirpy. I was at a bar last night, and the bar tender says to me, you’re okay, but your friend, I am not too sure about, I think I am going to ID her… and check this, they look at the license and they get the name and address as well!

I actually wish I could call out for IDs on the fly, wouldn’t you wish they would pass out a law, saying you can’t hang out with someone who is under 18, and you see someone at a bar, and you naturally have to, by law, ID them, I’m sorry, I would love to hang-out with you, but I need to ID you, you never can be too sure, with the law being so strict and all. So soon as she shows you her ID, you have a thousand different topics to talk about, that’s an interesting name, so you live around the south side of town huh, or just a plain and simple, my you look young, you must work out a lot!

Can you imagine the sort of opportunities that would open, forget all those crappy opening liners, haven’t I seen you somewhere before, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in the movies, yaddi yadda yadda, forget all those stupid opening liners, just ID them!


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