Keeping the trap shut…

Its wise to know when to talk and when not to talk, and easy as this may sound, knowing when not to talk comes with age, maturity and is a direct measure of one’s wisdom. Having said that, to help you advance in your wisdom journey, I will talk about several commandments when thou shalt not talk.

Commandment #1
The ZaZa at the Main St. I must admit has to be one of the classier hotels that I have been to. The place has a unique personality that glows from the interior with meticulous attention to detail. The moment you step inside the lobby, you feel grandeur with a flamboyance, pictures of movie stars and rock stars abode the walls, and as you walk, you will pass by the rest rooms which demarcate themselves by Bacall and Bogart. As you walk in, and I went into Bogart, the celebrity pictures continued, only they had placed ladies only pictures in the Bogarts, and I was told that Bacalls had gents only pictures. There were miserly clad inviting pictures of marvels of joy in front of each urinal.

As I made my way to the urinal, a tall guy walks in from the other side, making his way to the urinal as well. He stands in front of Raquel, I take Bette Davis. As I am about to unleash the lizard to drain it, he says to me, first time I’ve chosen a urinal depending on the picture in front of it! Huh? He did not just say that! He talked to me…weird as it was, I say, yeah I was gonna get Welch, but you beat me to it…and that was the end of it, the lizard appears, and the draining should start…except the fucker doesn’t shut up…yeah, he says, makes peeing much more fun…ahan, I said…easy for him to say, I cant initiate the drainage process while in conversation with another guy in a public toilet…whats more he keeps going on…you ever been to one of these events before…I’m not even looking at him…were you at the social gathering last night…one of the girls is really hot…the fucker keeps on draining and talking, and I keep on saying yes and no, till he finishes and moves away, and finally the drainage starts.

So Commandment #1, thou shalt not converse while standing at a urinal!poolside


5 thoughts on “Keeping the trap shut…

  1. wow 🙂 its beautiful. By the way its nice that you r writing again n not keeping ure trap shut. Thou shalt keep on writing I hope.

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