The third breed of dog walkers…

I am so not a pet person, but I know quite a few who are. My elder sister has quite a few, almost all of my friends have dogs in the house, and while I am cool with the cats, birds, chickens, and god knows what not my sister has for pets, and the dogs that my friends have, the one thing about pets is that you have to take care of their poop. My sister has these pans filled with clay that the cats go and use, and then the dogs, well you just have to walk them. Now the thing about walking dogs is that there are several kinds of dog walkers, some people do it to make money, you know collect dogs from across the neighborhood and then take them for a walk, and then there are some people who own a pet and would take them for a walk lest they should wet the bed! However on that note there are two kind of people who walk dogs, those that watch their foot while walking through grass, and then those that hold a plastic bag in their hand to pick up the poop that their dogs leave behind. Finally, there is another breed, called the pet butler, take a look below, I’d talk about it, but then, a picture is worth a thousand words!image0119


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