Analysis Paralysis – The analytical side of humor

Exhibit 1 was spotted outside a Pappasitos at Kirby by the 610. The sign obviously says in Spanish that we speak English.


Now, why would someone put this Spanish sign outside a restaurant in a country where everyone speaks English? Well, they are obviously trying to tell the Spanish speaking class that they speak English. Makes perfect sense, only, why would a latino be interested in knowing that the staff in a particular restaurant speaks English, the only thing they want to know is if they speak Spanish…and the English speaking lot, well, they don’t need to be told that the staff speaks English, it’s taken for granted, and if at all it is going to be told, why not write it in English, after all you are communicating with the lot that speaks English. What good would a message be, if the person you are speaking to cannot understand it. So the thought that comes to mind is that it’s a Mexican place, where people that work are Mexicans, but they are capable of speaking English…right…wrong, the place has not a single Mexican working in it, its full of brothers and sisters, who do not speak Spanish, and hence the result, the sign is there to lure the latins in so they might think that the staff speaks Spanish, but once they are in, reading the sign that says in Spanish that the staff can speak English, they find out that the staff actually can speak English, only it can’t speak Spanish, confused?


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