fire crotch!

The Burlap Barrel is one of my favorite places to hangout, not only because of mama love and her generous servings, or the shuffle board where i continue to get my behind whipped, the trivia nights, but also because of the patio and the people that hangout there.
This was one of the days when you decide to take a late lunch, and then decide to work out of a bar and enjoy happy hour to its fullest. I had been drinking rum and vodka most of the evening, we decided to play shuffle board, and I got my ass kicked, when we felt we should step out on the patio for a smoke. When we got back to the bar, we decided to move to our favorite tequila, Hornitos! The guy sitting right next to us quipped, you should try Patrón, we looked up and noticed him for the first time. He was red haired, forty fiveish, thin, tall and alone. Yeah, why not, we went Patrón way and got him a drink as well, and then a few hornitos, and a few Patróns, he bought us a round, and we were talking all the time. Dont quite remember a lot, but we were talking about what he did, apparently painted off shore pipes or something, when suddenly, some one asked him, hey is it true about red haired people? What? Fire Crotch you mean, we nodded, let me show you, we got up excited, he headed for the men’s room un bottoned his jeans, and pulled out his pubes, we were excited to see the red pubes, and it wasn’t until the next day that we were yanking on the thought of what we had done. There were also recollections of mama love refusing to serve us any more tequilas, some one insisting that we take a cab home, a couple of people called next morning to ensure that we got home safe, but thats all besides the point, for the record the myth about fire crotch, is plausible!


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