Definition of Cheating…

Half of the legal relationships in the states end a in a divorce, 65% of these breakups is due to cheating. The evidence below proves that, as you grow older, one of two things happens, either you get good at cheating, or you stop cheating.

Age*                                Women                         Men

Under 20 years old    27.6%                              11.7%
20 to 24 years old     36.6%                               38.8%
25 to 29 years old     16.4%                                22.3%
30 to 34 years old     8.5%                                  11.6%
35 to 39 years old     5.1%                                  6.5%
*Age at time of marriage
Source: http://www.divorcerate.org/

Of course a third possibility is that your spouse becomes more tolerant of cheating.

Its most interesting to see that the divorce rate for men under 20 is almost 40% to that of women, my read is, either they are being picked up by cougars, or they are just too plain stupid and stick around for ever, women on the other hand at this age have startlingly high divorce rate, for obvious reasons, they want some ass!

However, I would want to for the record clarify that cheating is really going all the way, making out a couple of times, really does not count as cheating, and if some do consider it cheating, then they are making their own definition, which though they are entitled to, but they should not be judging others on this definition.


4 thoughts on “Definition of Cheating…

  1. When in a committed relationship, the definition of cheating is based on both parties opinions and both parties may redefine their understanding to match the party at an either lower or higher extreme of this definition. Some couples simply believe that cheating constitutes doing anything, whether verbal or physical, that one would not do in front of their significant other. Such examples would include: expressing attraction to another person, electronic communications, kissing, making out, and sexual relations.


  2. Whatever the technicalities, if you are lying about something and hiding something, it means you are guilty about something and if you are guilty about something, chances are you are cheating. And logically you would never cheat or break promises etc with someone you love.

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