From envy to disbelief to gratitude

Ok, when i found out about this, at first, I must admit, I was envious… did you know that a pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes, can you believe that, 30 freaking minutes. Humans have at best five seconds and its a bliss, imagine having it for 30 minutes. An average man thinks about sex once every seven seconds and in effect he is thinking about getting to those five seconds of bliss, imagine what would happen if it were 30 minutes of bliss. Right? Wrong, hell no, those five seconds of bliss is fine for the five seconds, can you even feel the lack of energy, weakness, even pain, hell I’d say if a man had a 30 minute orgasm he would die. And hence the gratitude.

Another interesting fact is that a pigs cock is like a cock screw, it actually twines it in, fact it is the pig spends less time fucking and more time moaning, gives a whole new meaning to bring home the bacon!!


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