The other side…

There’s a mountain ahead of me, I look at it, it climbs high, rocks and bushes lay the path. I look below and see my bare feet, for a moment, I consider stopping and not crossing the mountain, but then, I realize that this is not an option. The bag on my back is heavy, and I have no one by my side.

I lift one foot and place it ahead of the other. The pain is arduous, less so from the step more so from the thought that there are hundreds more of a similar nature ahead of me. Yet I have to march on, for I know she waits for me on the other side of this mountain. The bushes that lay their thorns scorning at me, the rocks that have their edges sharpened to make this journey ever more painful!
Nothing makes it worth taking the next step, than knowing the fact that she stands on the other side…


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