to be seen or not to be seen…

22% of Americans have had sex in public, People do it on rooftops, in empty subway cars, in the backseat of cabs, in bar and restaurant bathrooms, in their offices, under a blanket in Central Park, pretty much wherever the mood strikes them, and celebrities seem to be boasting of public sex dalliances of late, often in a relationship post mortem: Stroke Fabrizio Moretti in a New York opera-house bathroom with Drew Barrymore, Liev Schreiber on the Staten Island Ferry, Kirsten Dunst (allegedly) all over the place with Jake Gyllenhaal.

So must I ask what the big deal is about being seen in public thumping her? The thing about christening public places is that, aside from the fact that its against the law, and you could actually end up behind bars if caught, its all about marking your territory, the building or vehicle the street, the zip code…

The best thing about alcohol is when you’re told by your friends the next morning that the bar tender had to force you guys out of the bathroom cause you just wouldn’t get over with it.

Which brings me to the last question, in light of all the arguments above, is sex in public meant to be seen or not to be seen, in my opinion, its actually not to be seen, but if seen, its only brownie points!!!


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