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The Geo-Racio Matrix – Black People Edition

Black People

Non Variable Habits

  • Like to have Sex, men are dangerously well hung, and women are ridiculously endowed
  • Like to eat fat food, quite fancy cannibalism too but most countries have declared it illegal so refrain from it in lieu of the law
  • Tend to be strong
  • Knowingly display limited mental capabilities
  • Identify with the wildlife a lot, hence explains why the white man kept thinking them for animals and traded them for so many years
  • Like to walk around naked
  • Wear colored clothes that are reminiscent of most African flags
  • Grow their curly hideous hair and form them into beads
  • Smell

Variable Habits

Black almost completely originated from Sub-Saharan Africa, but were transported to all parts of the world by the white man free of charge


Almost as soon as the black people arrived in USA, their behavior started shifting drastically from their African natural Habitat

  • Decided that they will goto Church and sing vociferously every Sunday
  • Changed their name from Konta Kinte to John, Wesley, Alex, later on they decided they like Sahquille and Shaquima better
  • Decided to work in cotton fields
  • Women decided that they quite liked the white prick, and bore a lot of mixed kids, white men quite liked the fact that they could just own the black women and fuck them at will without any fear of being called a cheat
  • White women coined the phrase once you go black you don’t go back, quite a few black men decided they were the ladies men, and would clean around the house, take care of the ladies (red neck white women who worked as strippers and waitresses), get them crack and sore their crack at the end of the day
  • Took a special liking to using hard core drugs and selling hard core drugs
  • Invented a type of music called reggae, which they sang while doing all sorts of drugs like shrooms and crack and heroin, some consumed so much of these drugs that they sucked on their own yack and died from it
  • Decided that they were really angry at the white man for bringing them to America from the harsh dark continent so they will do everything that is in their power to make this country a mess in this context they took the following really pertinent steps
    • School was not for them and they would live off social security
    • They would use all medical benefits that the society is to offer
    • Get really fat so take up as much space in public transportation mechanisms and other public areas as possible, the idea behind this is also because it gives them an excuse to not buy different clothes as most designers did not make clothes that were their size
    • Go to Walmart dressed in funny clothes moving side to side
    • Introduce a form of talking that they claimed to be music in which the talk about getting high, having sex, killing people, fucking and dancing with funny beeps in the background
    • will get cars that hump up and down while they play loud music in them, absolutely believe that they look cool while they do this
    • carry guns and arms at all times
    • declare anyone who calls them nigger to be racist

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