The Lighter Side

A walk in the rain

I want to go out, the doors are locked, I’m locked inside this house. I look at the guy, he can help me get out, I hold his hand, and pull him towards the door, he’s watching something on the tv, as I tug him along. He follows me to the glass door, and then jerks free his hand, and hurries back to the couch where he was sitting watching the tv earlier. I start yelling out, and making all sorts of noises, just to show him that I am upset, he puts on his shoes and hurries back to me, to open the door. He unlocks the first door, and then the second door, I can’t see through this one, but I know there is open sky outside this door. We walk out, I look around, there are leaves on the floor, I love the taste of these leaves, they are so minty, I rush for the leaves, he holds me back, I jerk my hand free, and get to the leaves, pick one up, put it in my mouth. I want him to take me to the tap, I’m thirsty, I need to drink water from the tap straight. I tell him, but he doesn’t understand, I knew this would happen. Every time I try and tell them something, they never understand. I take the leaf, put it in my mouth, and turn around, by the car parked in the driveway, there is a table, and on the far end of the table is a brown cup, I want to play with that cup. As im running towards that cup, I see another leaf, I throw my current leaf, and sit on the ground to pick up the second leaf. Just as I am doing that, he picks me up, and starts carrying me inside the house. I start to cry, loosen my body, am trying to tell him that I don’t want to go in, he doesn’t understand. When I make too much of a hue and cry, he takes me outside again, only he closes the door behind him. I walk towards the leaves again, and notice that the door that leads towards outside is open too, I peep out and she is standing there, with someone else. I run out, she runs after me, I get onto a slanting surface, the surface is slightly rough, these are tiles, she picks me up, just as I was jumping on the slanting surface. All I wanted was a walk in the rain, is that too much to ask?


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