The Lighter Side

Rendezvous with a red neck…

It was Easter, Jesus was resurrected, and Christians were happy about it, I, on the other hand, was amazed at the beautiful day that it was. As we entered the house, the barbie was already stacked up, ham and pork chops, oink on the stove et al. And I saw this tall white guy wearing shorts that were a little too short. I nodded, he nodded and I went my own way. Having met some other people, our path crossed again, he was a loud man, what do you do? he asked, I sell Industrial Automation Software, whats that? something related to computers huh? Yeah that what you guys normally do huh? This was going to be interesting. He was in the forces all his life, and had served in Korea and Vietnam and liked to shoot guns. A couple of hours later, I found my self walking to the grill again, with a cocktail in my hand, and we crossed paths again. He looked at me rather interestingly this time, more so observing the cocktail in my hand. So you eat pork? Well, I said, until yesterday I did, but last night Mohammed came to me in my dream, and he spoke to me, and he asked me to come back to Islam. I am giving it a serious thought, if I can avoid eating this great food I just might go back. He started laughing, you know I like you. I smiled, you’re not the first one, I am a like-able one. Mike was telling him of the 20 years of education that I have had, aaah, a smart cookie huh? I smiled again, and then he went on a tangent, telling me of the times he had pulled guns on Indians and Pakistani people, just because he like to. I could actually picture him in a pillow case with holes around his eyes, doing the Klan routine. And finally, he hit rock bottom when he started talking about the health bill. Supposedly by that time I had had enough alcohol in my system to consider talking to him a good use of my time. So I started explaining to him how his President was not a socialist. How free market economies and regulatory control was gradually gaining momentum to yield the end of Keynsian economics. At which point he went silent, sat down, and started thinking. Hmmm… I never looked at it this way, but then I should have gone to school a little more, I guess you should have.

The tragedy of the American voter is his ignorance, ignorance to what is happening around him, and ignorance to what he is helping happen. The average red voter has no clue to what economic strength is, and how velocity works, and how what once worked can no longer work! To these red necks, their vote, is like a loaded gun in the hand of a four year old


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