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everybody draw Mohammad Pbuh

Now i cant understand why his father was called Pbuh, but mohammad son of Pbuh is a man loved by many. I personally don’t know him, but I have read a fair bit about him. He seemed to fancy spending time by himself in a cave for many years, married a rich chic, for obvious reasons, married ten other chics that he felt were worthy of his member, and then married a six year old simply for he was too old at that time to do much else. Bit of a leader, and writer, though sources claim that he could neither read nor write, hmmm…..
So for a man of that stature, one wonders, what the fuss is all about, why all the hue and cry over drawing him. They have movies about all the other Wise Ones that came and went, you know, Jesus, Moses, blah blah blah. I simply cannot seem to understand what the fuss is about drawing what Mohammad pbuh looks like.
Some Danish journalist did that some years back only to see the whole Muslim world get so agitated that Denmark almost lost its dairy exports to Saudi Arabia, all over a cartoon…

So then, this one fine day, South Park people Matt Stone and Trey Parker recieve these messages of threat that they shall be killed like that Van Gogh dude in Holland if they dared to broadcast what they were planning to. It was after all evil to have a bit of a laugh, smile, or have fun in any manner. God so does not like those who tend to smile, guess that was the 11th commandment.

So this cartoonist chic called Molly Norris, who drew that bit above, came up with the idea of this post, and declared it so. Little did she know, that the whole concept gathered momentum, more so than she could have anticipated. If I was in her place, I might have been shit scared, you dont want to mess with maniacs you know. So the poor girl, comes up with an apology, and declares that she never intended for this. Now they might have made a movie about her had she stuck to the task, taken ownership, and went ahead with it. She just might have put herself in grave danger by doing so, but then, who is to say she is not in danger already. Them desert buddoos are kinda creepy, and they tend to think that killing in the name of God, just like their Christian counter parts is kinda good, and gets you a property in the Kingdom of Heaven, not to mention the seventy virgins as well!!

Hell I am going to do my part with doing my illustration on Thursday, hail to freedom of speech!!!


9 thoughts on “everybody draw Mohammad Pbuh

  1. you have no idea what you are talking about. I dont know whether you know the meaning of fredom of speech. It looks so groovy and in when one talks abt these things especially for an immigrant who wants to gel in completely in an occidental culture. Effort well appreciated!
    Let me tell you what freedom of speech is, even that term has some boundaries. Ok tomorrow you go to the main park of whereever you live and start talking abt holocaust or utter a few anti racial slur. Where wud you end up in? Point is you cannot. Why? What the big fuss? The answer is that you cant do it according to the US law or for that matter the law of any advance country who champion the cause of freedom blah blah. For them these are sensitivity issues n for us Muhammad pbuh is a sensitive issue. Ok i put you in a bigger padestal…tomorrow you go stark naked to the shopping mall. You will be apprehended..tell them this is a bigger cause….freedom of expression…so everything has boundaries.
    Regarding cartoons abt jesus n moses, for them they might not be revered the way we do Muhammad pbuh. Even these champions of freedom of speech have taught you that one shud respect different culture, norms, religion and the like. This is about respecting our culture, our values, our religion, our reverence so on n so forth…..

  2. Why would I deny the holocaust? For your information refer to for a greater understanding of the denial. Societal laws prohibit one from walking around naked, its called indecent exposure! Go take a look at the south park episode, its freaking funny, and to threat some one for their life for producing something that funny, its barbaric, to do it in the name of a dogma called Islam, is inhuman!

    1. Questions self answered:

      Why 1,571,000,000 believers tie to this” dogma”?

      Why Islam is the fastest growing religion 1.85% in five years 2000-2005.

      Are these believers ignorant of Muhammed’s marriages and other bad things you mentioned?

      Why history mostly portray Christian Jew enmity?

      Why history mostly portray Christian Muslims brotherhood?

      Why in the last 2 decades always Muhammed for the funny sketches?

  3. Consider this, about 2.3% of the world’s population describes itself as atheist, while a further 11.9% is described as nontheist. That is almost 15% of the population, in figures that’s 1,004,588,106 people. But here lies the difference:
    Between 64% and 65% of Japanese describe themselves as atheists, agnostics, or non-believers,and 48% in Russia and up to 85% in Sweden not to mention the 45% of all people to have achieved a PhD
    Those 1,571,000,000 people, live in the poorest and harshest societies in the world. Add to them the Christian and Jew population and you have all the rogue and war mongering evil people in the world.
    Don’t you wonder why the most sophisticated societies are agnostic?
    Don’t you wonder why all wars have been caused by the so called people of the book?

  4. I totally agree with Ans. Why is that a page written against the holocaust got removed within hours. Was that not freedom of speech? Your posts show nothing but the influence of western thinking which is shaped just like the way media wants. I wish you westerners (or wannabe westerners) could think for yourself a bit.

    1. For the last time, I am agnostic, there is nothing western about being agnostic. The denial of holocaust was taken up in court. Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood was a paper that was found to be mis-representative by the Supreme Court in Canada, if the muslim extremists would settle down and take to court the matter, I am sure they too can get a court ruling in their favor, thus adding a legal binding to the so called freedom of speech.
      I was born a Muslim, it is the sole fact that I am able to think for myself that I see what I wish you would too!
      My blog takes on the so called Abrahimic religions with equal zeal, yet of the 10,000 hits per day, its only the Muslims that get offended, have some tolerance!

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