VSAT – the funny side…

Now the reason that I have not been able to write much the last two days is that I have been busy writing about VSAT. And there was a time when I would write mostly about technology, but then no one wanted to read that, and so I decided not to write about that any more. Thus, you can rest assured, this post, will have little technology in it.
VSAT is an acronym for, very small aperture transmission. For the geeks that means something really cool, but, to the rest of the world, this sounds rather interesting. Now most girls, get confused, curious, excited, as their VSA’s require transmission. This phenomenon is prevalent from thee age of 11 onwards. Girls tend to send out communication signals through their VSAs to satellite transponders. Satellites are abound a plenty, and most respond in bit size packets. Modern technology has enabled girls to use IP telephony and text messaging services to communicate with satellites abound.
Once in a while, mostly around 13-15 years of age, a satellite will get lucky, and will make extravagant communication, with the VSA. This communication can lead to transmission. Such transmission yields in packets of data inserted into the aperture. Occassionally one of these packets, encapsulated in the TCP/IP protocol, can reach the base server and plant a trojan.
Upon the planting of the trojan, the VSAT phenomenon expands, and the girl goes through radical changes in her physiology.
Modern technologies have actually increased the bandWIDTH of the transmission to upto 4Mbps, which really means that the satellites can take these enhancers to increase their through put.

Man this is sick, am outta here…


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