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The largest human gathering of them all!!!

Ask any muslim and they will tell you that the Hajj is the largest gathering of humans and how its so great and all, well, like most predicaments coming from their clan, this one is also a far fetched one. To be fair, its the 21st largest recorded gathering, and that was in 2005. The total reported numbers at Hajj have declined since then. But more important is the magnitude of difference between Hajj and the largest gathering, which is the….wait for it….Khumb Mela in Allahabad! The Khumb Mela sees some 70 Million gather. Now while that gathering is over 45 days, while the Hajj is only 3 days, the Boston Red Sox had a victory rally in 2004 which saw over 3 million grace the occasion with their presence.

One thing really distinct to Hajj is equally non distinct to the Red Sox gathering. It may be  assumed that all 3 million consumed some form of Alcohol, 80% i.e. 2.4 million consumed some form of soft drug, and around 1 million did some hard drug, with about 1.5 million had sexual intercourse that night. The 2.5 million at Hajj, did no such thing, they just roamed around in two blankets, asking for forgiveness, yearning to be born again, and well….go join the Red Sox clan. They say when you do the Hajj pilgrimage all your sins are washed away and you come back with clean slate! Well that sounds just fine, no wonder most people wait till they are past retirement to go get a clean slate.

Now I have been to the so-called holy places, and I can’t quite understand why would some one use their life savings to put on two sheets and roam around, for three days, to get a clean slate. You could spend lesser amount, goto say the Caribbean, Polynesia, where ever you wanted to, have a genuinely good time. The Hajj sounds to me like paying a big black mother fucker to fuck you, and “believe” that the pain is going to give you a clean colon!


5 thoughts on “The largest human gathering of them all!!!

  1. you better go to Red Sox gathering, love parade or Kumbh Mela or for that matter where ever you want. I hardly heard anybody, who is well informed, say that Hajj is the largest human gathering. May be you took some statements out of context and wrote this blog cum propaganda here.

  2. Pakistanis are humiliated slaves to the Arabs that’s why he’s so butt hurt lol
    Pakistan and Iran are source of the global terror.
    The Arabs are the masters of the their time and the will continue to be so.
    Screw pakistanis the dumbest creatures ever, screw mamnoon hussain

    1. Who the fuck is mamnoon Hussain?

      Enslaving some one is rather prehistoric, but then you failed to evolve and still remain a species in the Pitheciidae family

    1. 1. Being gay is lifestyle and not a choice.
      2. You dodder from old age or hard work or both

      For Saudis, well gay is because you have no alternative
      You dodder from obesity and laziness

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