The curious case of the cannabis leaf

Now mankind is one curious animal, ever since we realized how to create a spark and light fire, we have been smoking shit and sighting the stars that weren’t there earlier. The Hindu gods were the first ones to realize that shit was some good shit, the vedas date back as far as 2000 years before God and Mary made out. Buddha, since he didn’t think much of the Vedas and Rama and the lot, thought cannabis was a waste of time. Personally, my vision of Buddha is a man sitting on the ground one leg over the other, eyes shut, grass growing all around him, for hours on end. Dude has got to be fucked up, no other possible explanation for his sitting so. Queen Victoria fancied the shit a lot as well when she was visited by aunt Flo every month. Every time she had to put cloth down there, she just lit up a joint and saw the stars. While the Chinese smoked the shit as far back as 1000 BC, it was the chemical variant of opium introduced to them by the English that led to them losing Hong Kong. The English wanted the Chinese to stick to the smoking and choke out the spices. Muslim Sufis used it to see the light, Rastafarians obviously cannot see without it. There is no doubt, that the people who smoke this shit, think this is the shit.
So what then I wonder is the curious case of Prop 19. Why is a nation so divided on the usage of a product that is so widely used already. 100 million Americans have tried cannabis, which they call Marijuana. Apparently some wise crack thought that if they renamed it to marijuana it would have negative connotations and people would not use it. Negative connotation obviously coming from the fact that them wet backs are the ones bringing it in. interestingly it’s the folks up north in Canada that are sending in this shit.
Now consider this, 75,000 people were arrested last year in California alone for possession. These people were taken to Jail, they were fined, took the courts busy time, and essentially were a burden on a tax payer like myself. As far as I am concerned, and I don’t smoke this shit, we should let them smoke this shit. Those that smoke this shit are going to continue to do so, might as well tax them for it. They are not going to be any more or less useful to the society. Well they might actually become less useful.
Interestingly, the countries in the world where people have actually been killed for possession includes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Thailand, Singapore Malaysia and China. The United States actually ranks in a similar list of countries where possession can be met with the death penalty. They actually say that if you have more the 60,000 kilograms or 60,000 plants you can be killed, although the constitution sort of questions that. But then the constitution also says that state and religion will have nothing in common. But you have to read the constitution to know that, something most republican leaders need to do. As far as they are concerned since Jesus didn’t smoke that shit, that shit ain’t just right!


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