The Case for American Sports

I have for the past two years tried in every way to enjoy the American sports. But I must admit I have truly failed. And with all failures comes a post failure analysis to figure out what went wrong.
Now, the whole purpose of this post is, I must confess, American sports bashing! I want to take this opportunity to take my frustration out. Every time I walk into a sports bar and I see everyone getting all excited about these sports and I just cannot help but wonder what on earth is wrong with these people?
My first contention against their sports is and objection to the basic premise of calling their games sports. Sports are for athletes, and you look at any baseball or football teams and their collective guts and you would realize that these games are just a athletic as sumo wrestling is. Add to the equation the factor of total lack of movement during the pace of the game, and you realize, that American games are so much more alike sumo wrestling. Consider this; the American football team consists of over 50 people. There is a guy in the team whose only job is to kick a ball! Total action at any given time is no more than 10 seconds, and then they spend about a good ten minutes wondering what just happened.
Even funnier of the American games is Nascar. A bunch of idiots, going around in circles, in cars that I could tell them need improvement in design. But then, the 68% of Nascar following does not have a college degree. Comparing Nascar to F1 is as disgraceful as comparing American football to Football.
Finally, there is baseball, America’s favorite past time. For those that know cricket, would know the complexity of the game. Baseball is so lame, it makes lame duck look like a deer. Baseball is so boring it makes watching grass growing look like a night in Vegas. Baseball is so dumb, it makes Homer Simpson look like Einstein. Baseball is…well baseball has to be worst gift Americans have given to mankind. Not only do they not pitch the ball essentially bowling all full tosses, (freebies in cricket) the batters play only in the V (basic low risk batting strategy in cricket) there is no concept of polishing the ball and then obviously there is the American notion of laziness. A typical innings lasts 15 minutes or less!
And yet, the single most powerful country on earth, continues to follow these lame sports with full zeal. They actually think their games are sports, and are better than what the rest of the world sees. So I ask the all-important question, what would cause this? How can a nation be confused all at once, can no one in the entire nation wake up to see that what they believe in is…bull crap? In this age of a flat world, where everyone knows everything that everyone else knows. With all the Google, You Tube, Wikileaks et al, one wonders what will it take for the Americans to give up their games and graduate to real sports? I could make this a case for American obesity and continue the bashing, but I will stop here…


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