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I am sure you have heard about the Cyrus chic hitting the bong on camera by mistake for a couple of days, like me, I am sure you didn’t think much about it either. What really caught my attention was a statistic on a local news channel that read, more teens smoke pot than cigarettes, drawing a parallel (the Cyrus chic is a teen) I had to ask myself, if that is bad or good? Honestly, I can’t quite get around to answering that. Equally interesting was watching John Boehner bursting into tears about the dream that the teens might not live. He never got around to why he was unable hold his composure, but if you have interacted with an American teen, you wouldn’t need for him to explain.

Now more teens smoking pot, Cyrus chic trying to hush up the video…I stand in amazement on what the big deal is? The surgeon general does not issue any cancer or otherwise warnings against hitting the bong, they do warn you vehemently against smoking cigarettes. On the contrary, prop 19 is all about allowing the shit to be used as a medicine. This sort of splits the discussion into different avenues here. One part is talking about the Cyrus chic and her clan, and the other is why alcohol and smoking is legal and the leaf is not.

How I wonder why someone bolted those bullets in Lennon, who gave timeless music to the world, yet no one gives a shit about the Cyrus chic, who likes to smoke the shit; that doesn’t go to say that Lennon didn’t smoke the shit, I’m sure he loved the shit, but enough about the shit. Seriously, they should pass a law against the kind of noise she produces, but then the teens today love that. If Yoko would let Mark David Chapman out on the condition that he would rid the society of the Beiber thing and Cyrus chic, perhaps his parole would be justified!

On the alcohol and smoking legality bit, you really don’t need to be a genius to figure out that it’s the lobbyists spending the money provided by the corporations to give to the politician who pass the laws. One tends to question the concept of democracy; are they making the laws in the houses of Government that their voters want them to, or their financiers would like to see passed. Take a look at some facts at It’s a list of the lobbyists spending given to politicians, take some time to tread the site and you would be amazed what democracy is! The name of one John Boehner is there as a recipient from Philip Morris. But do question what your elected representatives are doing, by definition; they should be representing you, right?

Conversely, it’s the drug lords giving money to politicians to keep the leaf illegal so they can continue to traffic it and keep making money. So I ask again, the Cyrus chic, hitting the bong, good or bad?


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