American Politics

The case of the organ failure…

Back in 1994, these bunch of black dudes go ahead and carry out an armed robbery. These couple of black chics are supposedly with them while they are doing the robbery, just watching whats going on since they had never seen how these robberies took place. The black boys find out that they only walk away with $11 from the whole adventure. Given the cost of gas and time and efforts that was involved in the heist, the whole venture yielded a net loss. They failed to use their brains while doing all that, also they were probably smoking all sorts of shit before they decided to do the robbery.

So while they were mourning the failure of their promising yet challenging venture, the cops caught on with them, and they were brought before a judge, and deemed by the honorable judge to be a threat to the society. Sentenced to two life sentences in prison, the two black chics found themselves off the streets and living off of innocent tax payers like me. They obviously failed to use their legs and try and run a bit further than their houses.

After sixteen years in prison, one of them realizes that both of her kidneys have failed. It remains to be seen if it was the prison food that caused the renal failure, or she consistently licked the prison walls to get the toxins inside her that eventually caused her kidneys to fail. In either case, since her brain had failed her 16 years ago, her kidneys failed her due to licking the toxins off of the prison walls.

Now since she needed to be kept alive so she could serve out her sentence, (which is two life sentences…hmph…) she needed to undergo dialysis, which cost an innocent tax payer like myself $180,000 per year. Now Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour got account of this situation. The matter of the failed organs (brains, legs and kidneys) required some government intervention. Needless to say that it was costing us $180,000 to keep her alive so she could serve out her prison sentence. So they figured, why not let them both go, on the condition that one of them gives the other one her kidney. You might think that this is an organ failure on the part of the honorable Governor. But fret not, for the GOP has no presidential candidates for 2012. By showing this act of mercy, he gets tremendous media attention, perhaps not as much as the stupid chic from Alaska, but for the time being surpassing her.

In the process of gaining this immense popularity, the Governor made a conditional pardon that stated that failed brain, legs and kidney black chic must get a kidney from failed brain and legs black chic, who is incidentally her sister. Now that’s all fine, except, they never tested the two ladies for compatibility. One wonders if they fail the compatibility test, will they have to return to jail, much to they misery of the innocent tax payer like myself.

The two ladies have decided to go live with their mother in Florida. Obviously they have no health care, so the procedure will come off of the pockets of innocent tax payers like myself. They were due for parole in 2014, in which case they would have come out and perhaps done the same, so Governor Barbour probably saved the sate of Mississippi about half a million dollars, the sisters are free, the black people are happy, the media is celebrating him, GOP has a nominee for 2012…white man rules!


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