Burn Baby Burn!

 Ok, so this dude in Florida, who looks like a wrestler with his crazy moustache, came to the lime light a while back with his pledge to burn the Muslim holy book. He originally wanted to do the whole shenanigan on 9/11. Apparently, that plan never went through. Partially because the media frenzy hyped the whole episode up a wee bit too much, partially due to a Muslim cleric from New York trying to reach a middle ground with him on the Cordoba house or something similar. A few months later, after giving his cow a pile driver and doing the razors edge on a few pigs, he decided it was time to burn the darn book. And so he burnt the darn book. Not before, he tried the book in a mock trial, yes, the book! He also found it, the book, guilty on five counts of murder, rape, crimes against humanity and sentenced it to death by torching!

Now absolutely no one in the media in the western world took notice of the event, until they realized that people around the world are in frenzy, losing all signs of sanity over what followed the pile drivers and the razors edges. In their frenzy, they are burning down girls’ schools, killing United Nations workers, and chanting death to America. Obama and his entourage have all condemned the event, with little effect on the frantic people, partially because they don’t care, mostly because they just don’t know.

Now the wrestling pastor, who goes by the name of Terry Jones, is obviously a nut job, but he sure has made a statement. Millions in Afghanistan and Pakistan are willing to go crazy, if he burns a book. I bet millions more in Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Saudi-Arabia would have gone nuts. Luckily, they’re too busy trying to overthrow their leaders. One wonders what would cause such psychotic behavior. Is there a name for this disease, can they be cured? If we burn enough books could they perhaps become immune to it? Can we give them early age vaccinations? Surely something needs to be done, for the cause of humanity, we can’t just let them burn their houses because a wrestler burnt a book and chanted burn baby burn!


5 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn!

  1. I don’t condone the actions of the people who are reacting insanely to what a retard did in Florida. However, we should realize that the book that this retard tried to put on trial is by no means an ordinary book. It is the word of God and there are around 1.5 Billion people out there who believe that. This pastor wanted some cheap publicity which he got anyway. But I wonder why this pastor didn’t think about protesting the laws that are in place in the so-called civilized world that are in clear violation of freedom of speech, I hope you are aware of the laws that I am referring to. May be he feared less or no publicity had he done that. So the moral of the story is that the people who want some media attention these days they resort to such stupid actions.

    1. There will be crazy people every where, who will do crazy stuff, will that justify burning down your own house in protest? I wonder who is crazy? I am not arguing about the Quran being the word of the G man, I know its not, but these billions seem to think so, and are retorting in the most insane manner, that is just insane! Why cant there be a diplomatic response to the US asking the Government to ban the stupid Terry Jones from wrestling and running his small church? They can be civilized about it right?
      You make a very good point with Holocaust denial, the denial laws in most countries broadly are in the area of public incitement and hence deemed illegal. Other countries consider it a genocide denial, covering borader Genocides than the WWII. FYI the United States has no such laws, so perhaps the Muslims shoud ask for one…instead of burning down Girls’ Schools?

      1. That’s pretty awesome, there are laws in US, and people that have compassion and humanity to rescue victims of human trafficking. Unlike saudi arabia where the muslims hammer nails in their maids heads and hands, rape them everyday as part of their daily routines, and then justify it, will not be ashamed of it, and think they will goto heaven, for they believe and bow before a false god, and a prophet who suffered from sexual addiction and pedophilia!

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