Are you being audited?

Now every time this advertisement plays on the TV, I can’t help but feel raged. In essence, if you have been stealing from the Government and not paying your due share of your taxes which you owe to the state, you have been stealing. After all, you have been driving on the roads, relying on the police to protect you, sending you kids to school, using the homeland security services to live in a protected country. In essence you have been stealing, and you need to pay the IRS what you owe to them.

Instead, give this ugly pork chop, bacon, carb eating inflated sorry excuse for a human body fat guy part of the loot, give the IRS some of the loot, and run away with the rest! This guy should be starved so the obese dork can look like a human, and then tried for crimes against the state! Are yoy being audited my ass!


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