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Shut it down!

I have to be honest, when I first heard about a possible Government shutdown I was rather shocked. After all a Government shutdown means the Government will stop working, right, wrong! A Government shutdown in the capitalist state of the United States, means that the poorest employees of the Government don’t get paid! The President continues to ride the Airforce 1, his white house expenses continue unabated, Congressmen and women continue to get their paychecks, so does the Judiciary. Police and Fire department continue but at a reduced efficiency. What does shut down, is the parks and museums, immigration, Medicaid registration workers, social security workers and the lot. Oh, also, all those red necks, potential drug movers and psychotic serial killers currently serving in the forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, their paychecks are delayed! The last time the Government shut down, it cost the tax payer 1.2 million dollars according to

I want a Government shutdown which sees Airforce 1 grounded, the Whitehouse electricity disconnected for non-payment of dues, the congressmen and women not getting paid, for it is their fault that the shutdown is happening! What’s more for the duration that the shutdown remains in effect, they don’t get paid, at all! Now that will save the tax payer some money. It bothers me to see the tea baggers shout out shut it down, without really knowing that the only one that will be harmed with the shutdown is Joe the plumber!


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