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The troops are heading home!

That is absolutely wonderful news! So now, less of high school drop outs and drug dealers and cracks whores will have access to nations attacked for no good reason and tortured in the name of national security and preemptive strike. No WMD were found in Iraq, and OBL was not in Afghanistan. Less of our tax dollars will be spent in the name of American solidarity and superiority and more so, for social security and Medicaid! Nice! Well social security and Medicaid are not killing, abusing and or sexually molesting, innocent souls. That has to be better!

So 33,000 of the hicks, jiggaboos and crack whores will be heading home, which essentially means an addition to the jobless claims, more drug dealers on the streets, and more Nazis in Alabama! Especially considering these people can essentially do nothing else but kill innocent people for no effective reason but to scare them into submission. That sort of makes them terrorists, which is such a definitive term. What exactly is a terrorist? One that enters a nation, a nation that is sovereign, kills nationals of that nation, rapes and murders them, and terrorizes them! Right then, the terrorists are heading home, that is a step in the right direction!

No more, shall we have the Afghans, Iraqis et al being tortured by an alien nation, in the name of a preemptive strike. No more shall an American life, be considered worthy, and a Pakistani or Afghan life considered less so than the pet that lives in an American house…well, not quite, perhaps not in the foreseeable future. American dogs will continue to be worth more than Iraqi, Pakistani and Afghani humans! And if we have a problem with that, well, then we gulp that shit up, just like gay marriage, gun control, spending…only this issue…actually kills people, 450,000 of them, since Bush junior decided America wants to kick ass…so bring the troops back, and stop terrorizing people, they have a right to live, let them live!


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