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That shit ain’t right!

Willie Nelson did a cover of this song called Ain’t Going Down on Brokeback Mountain. In the chorus of the song, he repeatedly declares that shit to be not right. Well at the stroke of midnight last night, that shit is right in New York, the sixth state to declare that shit to be right. The sixth state that rejects discrimination based on the sexuality of a person and accepts their vows for the love that they feel for their better half, making them a couple. That shit makes sense and I, am totally cool with that, and tolerate it just fine. It supposedly depends on who and what defines right and wrong. Assuming the definition of right and wrong is provided by the g man, well, he is just as much real as the monster under the bed and Santa Claus. So the gifts under the tree were not put there by a fat man who came down the chimney, and the definition of family is not made by the g man either. That definition is clearly set by, for whom the bell tolls, and the bell is not in the church, it is in your pants. My tolerance limits however, just might be tested when a society stands up and accepts Ménage a trois as a family and lets all three of them to stand at an altar and say their vows.

Picture a guy standing at the altar, and another guy walks the chic down the aisle. The pastor looks on, the scary church music plays something that sounds like the phantom of the opera, some in crowd have tears in their eyes, others are looking around for a prey so they can make their bell toll. Slowly, the chic makes her way to the altar, steps up, the priest looks at her and smiles. Instead of giving her away, the guy accompanying her, steps up and stands on the altar. All three of them face the priest. The pastor looks into their eyes, all six of them. Dearly beloved, he says in a loud voice, we are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Alexander Barabing, Michael Kabuska and Katherine Stevens. This is a sacred right, an ancient right. As Katherine, Michael and Alexander prepare to join their lives, it is important to understand that everyone present has played a part in shaping their lives. And, will continue to play a vital role in their continuing future. And thus, we are here not only to witness their vows to each other, but to bestow upon them our blessing. And, now the trio will read their vows.

Thus starts a series of utterances where all three express their love and gratitude for each other. Katherine, while standing in between Alex and Mike, says while shifting her head from side to side, you once asked me how much I loved you. I should have pointed to the skies, or the sea, or some endless and immeasurable thing. All I had were words, and they were incapable of reflecting forms that had no end. Today I answer you with a deed that expresses not only what I think, but also who I am. I, Katherine, offer you, Alex, and, you, Michael, my life as your wife, and your husband. I will never forsake you; I will spend all the days to come by your side. Let us spend our lives together leaving behind limited words. Join me instead in sharing our immeasurable love!

Right then, so that sort of stretches the Christian definition of family a wee bit too far. In the words of Willie Nelson, that shit ain’t right, or is it?

Just to give credit where it is due, Willie Nelson rocks and the proof is this:



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