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Growing up in Saudi Arabia, this is not funny, seriously…

I was born in Saudi Arabia, and lived there until I was seventeen. The fact that we lived in a secluded compound inhabited by mostly western folks where the radical religious police didn’t reach into did make life a little less miserable, miserable life in KSA was nonetheless. There is part joy; fried chicken called Al-Baik,… Continue reading Growing up in Saudi Arabia, this is not funny, seriously…

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A tale of two countries

So this then is the tale of two African countries, both lived in isolation, albeit isolation of a varying kind. Both had rulers that were corrupt, both had people that were divided, subdued and subjected to anguish. Both saw uprisings, in their own decades. Both saw the international community react to their internal turmoil. In… Continue reading A tale of two countries

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Hesus vs. Pbuh – The lighter side

Other than the arguable fiction proclaiming Hesus incepted by the big G himself, or herself, there is one other very clear differentiator between Hesus and Pbuh, i.e. their sexuality. While Hesus is known to be pretty much asexual, Pbuh pretty much liked to do them in shapes and sizes, ages and races. There seems to be little evidence of his door swinging… Continue reading Hesus vs. Pbuh – The lighter side