Growing up in Saudi Arabia, this is not funny, seriously…

I was born in Saudi Arabia (KSA), and lived there until I was seventeen. The fact that we lived in a secluded compound inhabited by mostly western folks where the radical religious police didn’t reach into did make life a little less miserable, miserable life in KSA was, nonetheless. There is part joy, fried chicken called Al-Baik, tastes so good Popeye’s chicken tastes like shit. Gas priced cheaper than water. No taxes at all…and err that is about it! There is a seriously funny side to growing up in Saudi Arabia however. Several dimensions, but I start with the rain ritual.

The Rain Dance

The native Americans had a rain dance, while I am not sure how it actually went, but the concept was obviously to ask the higher power to make it rain. Not quite like the Travis Porter version. If you have any idea of world geography you would know that KSA is mostly desert, extremely hot and dry. There is little vegetation, and temperatures are agonizingly hot. Makes sense for the men to wear those white things they wear, absolutely no sense for the women to wear the black things they wear!

So every once a year, the temperature gets extremely hot, as in too hot to handle. The king at that time, feels very sorry for his disciples and decides to do something about it. Make no mistake, this is no ordinary rain dance, it is the dance that the king does, and makes it rain. Trust me, I saw it year after year. The meteorology department gave the king a heads up, he did his dance, and it rained the next day. There is actually a name for the dance, which really doesn’t look like a dance and looks more like a prayer. But the disciples were always in awe. The king is the shit, he dances and makes it rain!

What happens after the rain is a completely different story. Since it only rains once a year, after the rain dance, the Saudis decided that there was no real need to have a drainage system on the roads, essentially Jeddah turns into Venice, and all the cars make a failed attempt to look like Gondolas. Not quite the romantic scene that you would see in Italy…

The Sword Dance…Grind, KSA style

So the Saudis have a habit of getting together in groups, all carrying shiny swords, and raising them up and down while they chant some sort of weird shit. It is supposed to be a group thing. Only men do this however. The women do something else, but no one really knows what that is. Now I would be absolutely fine with them getting together in a group and lifting their swords up and down, chanting whatever it is they are chanting in their language, only, they televise that shit. Trust me, its like MTV grind, only there are no hot chics, just ugly Saudis, and the music is a sound that will make you wish you were deaf.

What you see below is real master piece however. It is none other than the W Bush, doing the Saudi Grind!

The Mutawwa factor

Ok so check this out, you are walking through a mall, shopping, minding your own business, all of a sudden, you hear a loud singing sound, scares the living day lights out of you, everyone starts running around, people start shutting their shops down, and they start doing the Muslim stand sit bend bow ritual. If you are not part of the gang that is doing the bang, odds are, there will be a bunch of funny looking characters called Mutawwas, accompanied by the police forcing people into doing the gang bang.

One particular instance that I can never forget is…so the whole loud singing starts, people go crazy running, get together to do the gang bang, funny looking guy comes around screaming the top of his voice. The innocent little boy that I was, I joined the ranks, from the corner of my eye, I see a Chinese looking guy walking. The funny man with the police guy ran to him and went blah blah blah, Chinese guy says, I am not Muslim, funny looking guy pulls out a baton and hits the Chinese guy on the ass, points towards the gang bang gang, Chinese guy joins the gang and does the whole bang. And seriously, this is not funny, it is fucking sad!

Off with his head!

So, every Friday, outside the two main gang bang ritual mosques in Makkah and Medina, they have a head chopping ritual. Yes, this is 2011, and they chop the head, or hand off of a human, in public, because they were found guilty of a crime. Of course the public gathers to watch the show, look in amazement, not a soul protests, not a soul dares to call this barbaric, for….wait for it…this is the word of the g man. Occasionally, they will also have the public stoning to deaths, you know, throw stones at a human, because they had premarital sex! All in the name of religion, all legal, all tolerated.

Fuck what you can

Well, since a human muff is the toughest thing to find in KSA, Saudi men will pretty much fuck everything else. Most Saudi families source housemaids from Far Eastern countries, predominantly from Indonesia. Stories of raping these women are more than common, they are actually taken for granted. After all, from a religious standpoint, the g man has no issues with it. Stories of killing of Indonesian maids who were convicted of adultery because they tried to get help and get away from the daily sex slavery are common. A Srilankan maid was tied up, and nails were hammered in her head because she wanted vacation time!

Now, their counterparts, the Saudi women, do take a particular liking to the Indonesian drivers. Well, they get that, since they do not get to drive themselves, they just let the drivers ride them.

The Black Marker on Magazines

Life in KSA is heavily censored. Every foreign magazine that is imported, actually goes through a censoring process. The censoring process involves a funny looking Saudi, which can be any Saudi as they all look funny, with a black marker in his hand. Funny looking Saudi used the marker to actually cover out legs, arms or any other part of a woman’s body printed in the magazine. You have to feel for the Saudi men, they will not even be given the luxury of a magazine to look at and jerk off. This oil rich state, is so much sexually starved, that child abuse is what they eventually resort to.

Saudi Men – their discussion topic of choice

When a bunch of guys get together in the civilized world, they have some cold ones, talk about the game, their time shares, girl problems, chat up the bar tender, hit on the waitress, you know the usual stuff. Bunch of Saudi men get together and guess what they talk about…planning their third or fourth marriage! That is right, imagine the whole country is a bunch of polygamists, and we said the Mormons were a bunch of morons.

So a typical planning exercise starts identifying the hunting ground. You see, the first wife typically is of a Saudi origin, Egyptians are common seconds. Moroccans or Tunisians are preferred thirds, Lebanese and Syrians work well too. Once a hunting ground has been identified, vacation period starts. 

The funny looking Saudi with a couple of friends travels to the grounds, and contacts these match makers that exist in all the above listed countries. These match makers are also sort of head hunters as the women in those countries will give up all freedom for the captivity and the gold and the opportunity to ride her Bangladeshi driver!

Finally, the wedding takes place abroad, the wife comes back with the funny looking Saudi, into her new home. It is very traditional and acceptable for all the wives to sit together and discuss what they got the night before. Bit like the American guy and his wives, you know, the one on the reality TV show. I guess there is a funny Saudi in every mormon!


Ok, fact is KSA has invested most of its oil money trying to create a football league that matches the EPL. Fact is, they are the best team in the middle east. That sort of tells you how much the rest of the Arabs suck at football. But they love the sport, are crazy about it, and, have no clue about it. The goal keepers wear pajamas, and all players are under 6 foot tall. Most players will dive at will, and do the utmost ugliest job of it.

It has been reportedly told by several sources that FIFA has requested the funny looking Saudis to stop diving in the field or their membership will be cancelled. Funny looking Saudis in return gave bag full of money to FIFA.

Women as drivers

Now most of the world knows that women cannot drive in KSA. No one quite knows the rationale behind it, but of late there has been increasing and mounting pressure on the government to allow the women to drive. So while voting remains a far cry, women in KSA are not really expected to show their face in public without a male accompanying them, a male that is a direct relative, cousin don’t count. Well they kind of marry the cousins as well.

Segregated Learning

I have heard that lately they have come up with a university in KSA that is not segregated. But hitherto, all learning is segregated. Again, it is in the name of not letting men and women come in contact.

The Yemeni Factor


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  1. you rockkk ,dude ))) I am the professional writer and was looking for some info for my new article on the life in saudi with comparison to hawaii..and I must tell you, this is the most hilarious piece I ever read )))..great work man !! ..looking for new updated about saudi life from you 😉
    cheers !!

  2. wow that’s just sad.. and I mean you not the country. At least Saudi Arabia is richer than any other country despite the big mass of negativity that you said. I am a Saudi and I’m proud to be one. If you really lived in Saudi Arabia, you should be honored! You deserve to either live in ur own country or no where!

    1. Here in the civilized world, we don’t tell people what they deserve or don’t deserve, of course Saudis don’t know what that means, and hence I have no cause to object the obvious lack of culture in your comment.

      1. Fuck saudi Arabia islam and anyone else that accepts the stupid shit done in that ignorant condemned part of this world I feel sorry for all the innocent people mercilessly killed while cowards stand by ready to piss there robes and sacrifice there own children at the hands of there mindless leaders one day I pray to Lord satan that he completely wipe out there disgusting existence in this world seriously Fuck your god he’s not fucking real.know what is real tho AMERICA!!! Where we don’t have to live in shit and fear

    2. Are you fucken retarded bitch. Let me tell u something. I am lebanese, from lebanon ofcourse and on behalf of all lebanese people, we think you are by far the most dumbest fuckest people on planet earth. I went to saudi for 1 week as my company sent me and i was amazed how all the CEOs and managers have knowledge similiar to my 6 year old boy. You fucken people without oil, your animals or less. if you have no oil, you are nothing, you smell so bad, you have no culture at all, every day a sheikh decides to provide a law which have no sense at all and most of all fuck the king. the king is gay, like most of saudi men due to lack of sex. Btw sex is not bad, stop killing every chick who suck a dicks.. in lebanon i have fucked 2 saudi chicks because here when they come, they take of the precious hijab and better like mia khalifa, here u can see all the saudi on there true habits

      1. thank you for your comment, I am glad to see that sanity does prevail and Saudi Arabia is indeed as it is portrayed in this blog.

    3. U r proud ? Hahahahahaha u r proud of being a dog arnet u !? Ksa is the worst place ever , you’ll die if u said anything bad about your gods , I mean the royal family , u should be shameful of ur self not proud (;

    4. If not for oil, KSA would be like everyother Middle Eastern hellhole (as if it’s not already). All the riches only because of oil, not because of the intellectual capacity of the people. You are a bunch of barbarians (capital punishment, sharia, women not allowed to go in public alone/to drive, etc are some examples). It is one of the most backward countries in the world. If not for oil, no one would give a shit about KSA.

    5. Saudi Arabia is a disgusting joke! And the fact that you (they) now have money just makes it more ridiculous. Your society is based on total hipocrisy and your based on their own standards are hell bound!

      1. Just to qualify my last statement. America are a load of fuck wits that also torture and ‘put to death’ their own citizens. Also they are ignorant arseholes that think they not it all. America does not represent freedom either. They support Tyranny around the world including KSA!

    6. Rich? Richer than any country? Ahahahah. You are not richer than USA, Japan, Germany, etc. You are the slave and an a main asslicker off U. S. A! It is a fact! You exist bc you lazy fucks have oil underneath your dicks but nothing else! All your military equipment is also from USA and the western world! The minute the western world cut the ties with your LAZY asses, you would be nothing! Plus richer is not only about money you idiot. Funny how you are thinking having loads of money means being rich! (UNDESERVED/WITHOUT WORKING IN YOUR LIFE) I know many people who have money but have miserable lives bc they don’t know how to be happy with smaller things unlike you fucks. I can have all the money but what is the purpose of being rich when you are not allowed do shit in your country! I repeat, you are NOTHING if you have no oil. You have ZERO production of anything to yourselves or to the world. You don’t produce shit. Even your Arab neighbors hate you! UAE even looks down on you! At least they saw the reality that they won’t have oil in the future and converted their country to something desirable! What the fuck did you guys do so far for the world than enslaving poor ass workers from poor countries and fucking, raping them in your beds! No one is jealous about your shitty ass, corrupt, inhumane, slave loving country bc you don’t have shit to be proud of. You call yourselves Muslim but you are the biggest hypocrites in Islam. Greedy ass towel heads living in stone age.

      “You deserve to either live in ur own country or no where!”

      You mean on desert with brainwashed sheeps. Just to let you know, there are a billion times better places to live than your SMOKING HOT, ONE SEASON, ARID shithole. Ever been to NZ, US, CANADA, EU, JAPAN, where they have actually NATURE!!! No one should live in your country, NO ONE! You are the LEAST desired country by anyone in the WORLD!

    7. Saudi Arabia is full of shit and needs to be wiped off the face of the earth, fuck kings and queens, kill them all, fuck saudi arabia, now and forever, just a bunch of sand monkeys with no education, no culture, no manners, no original ideas, and once the oil runs out or the world turns to solar, all you goat fuckers will be back to fucking camels and taking sand showers, you retards.

  3. Wow, You are just full of shit. I’m a Saudi Man and I say that 80% of you wrote about Saudi Arabia is incorrect. Can you please tell me how did you know all of this since you lived in a ” secluded compound inhabited by mostly western folks” were you actually allowed to leave the compound? most western folks working in Saudi Arabia would not allow their kids to leave the compound or socialize with Saudis. So where the fuck did you get all of this? The rain dance ! are you fucking kidding me !! it is a rain prayer and not only the king preform it but the entire Saudi nation has to preform it on a specific day after a royal decree that everyone should be praying the Rain Prayer. The head chopping rituals !! absolutely not true. First, the last time I heard about someone who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia was about 20 years ago. And it is not a ritual you idiot it is similar to capital punishment for people who murdered other people. Raping the maids !! and who told you that? did the saudis tell you that they are raping their maids? or did the maids themselves tell you that? please enough with all the bullshit if you wanna write something special don’t write lies and made up stories. If you’ve really lived in Saudi Arabia and socialized with real Saudis, you would know that they are the opposite of what you are making them to be.

    1. I’m glad that you agree with me on most points. My mother was a doctor, the maids actually would come in for medical treatment after they were subjected to torrential treatment and open their heart out. You only have to google to see the protests in Indonesia and realize the ugliness in the truth.

      I am sure you are a great person, and I hope you take my criticism with a pinch of salt, and try and make a difference.

    2. Sorry! nothing personal here! but u guys are a hell of dickheads, bunch of random motherfuc*ers, who can do nothing except torture women, fu*k young kids, oppress others, cheat people and actually take pride in it. i understand that this is true for the other expatriates too. But guess what, you bitches deserve this and much worse! And please, acknowledge this! the only reason you guys have survived so far is 1. your oil capital…and 2. the countless efforts of innumerous expatriates whose families are merely dismissed after their demise based on some bogus image of Islam that you guys have managed to propagate through out the world. And this is just one thing! And one more thing! You guys are exclusively respected! but just in your own country.. the rest of the world hates you!!!

    3. Poor old Mohamo here got all butthurt by the truth about Saudi Arabia, just like he did when his uncle Mohamo gave him the grind all his childhood!

    4. Just go n Fk ur self , I didn’t read your words or shall I say YOUR NEWS PAPER , but I think u trying to say that ksa is one nice heaven eh ?

    5. mohammed go fuck yourself you sand monkey goat fucker, get real asshole, without oil, KSA is just another desert full of back ward ass shit heads, dumber than camel shit, so go fuck yourself and your bullshit KSA, I hope ISIS burns all Saudis alive

    6. Shut da fuck up, As a Turkish / muslim you guys are embarrassment to islam. Ottoman are coming and gonna fuck you up again, dont you worry, We will take Mecca and Medina. I am muslim man and I hate the fucking Saudis. They are trump ass kisser and American wanna be. I live in States. You will never be Americans. Saudis are yalaka, King is dog of Trump. they no good to other muslims. They no Help. I hope you all rotten in that heat. I fucking hate you all.

  4. I Totally agree with this post, but like any where in the world we can distinguich different regions, not all regions look a like. I lived in makkah from the age of 8 till the end of hight school. I intended saudi schools (al manarat and hussein bin ali high school , no one can say i didn’t get in touch with the autochtones) we find two types of Saudis 1-(foreigne races saudis and hadar”civilized” :black saudis ,jawa saudis,bangali saudis…Etc ) and badouw (bedouines). i accuse no body of any thing i will just describe what i saw and heared (my experience) : First of all: you are respectfully treated by saudis You are highly graduated or with an occidental nationality (American english frensh ..etc),saudis love to be complimented it feeds their unmesurable Ego (most of them not all) they can be very cruel with third world nationalities specialy indians bengalis …. sometimes we can say it can be justifyed some ‘moukim’ foreigners deserve that because they don’t even show respect to themselves.
    Socialy ,it can be pleasant to chill out with saudis but you need to watch out few aspects most saudi males (unmarried) don’t have a clue what a woman is and most of them turn GAY since childhood , their favourite discussions is ” that guy is walad hagui (my sex slave)…and so on” even out a boy can be hooked by a group of other boys in a car and get wistled…Inside Saudi arabia you can get the life comfort . of you aim to go working there leave your family (if you are married) in your own country! I saw many families lose the most important thing in their lives THEIR CHILDREN!

  5. Hi Man,
    Nice article, there are few things to clarify here:
    1. The Arab world is bigger than Saudi shit, Saudi are Arabs but do not represent Arab world. Yes they pay and try to take a role they believe they have right too.
    2. Even the ideology of Islam they represent is just leading for terrorism, which other Muslim pays a very high price also. They are sending jihadist to Iraq and other countries because they believe all Muslims that do not belief in Wahhabis and Salafism are not true Muslim and must die.
    They have even no problem with Israel.
    3. The funny part, this county has a good relation to USA and protected by US government maybe because of Oil or interest, mean that USA does not care whom making terrorism but cares only about their own interest. Which is also SAD in my opinion.
    4. Saudi in general because they have oil money and Mecca they think they should be better than others. They think they can buy everything with the money they own.
    5. They pay and create sport, but it is fake image and their football team is not the best in the region, there are other Arab countries that have invest much less or even not invested and have better football teams. Their sport anchors are also racist behaved.
    Please, it is important to be factual and not to generalize.
    In addition, always Saudi man will deny any criticism and they take it personal ;(

  6. That was an incredibly true post. I was born in Saudi Arabia too. The only reason I could give to like this fuc*ed up country is nostalgia, though most of it is pretty bad. And as far as these people are concerned, i believe they are the best at retaining their culture. They were illiterate, mother fuc*king, sister fuc*ing and god knows what-not fu*king nomads and have continued to be so. The only difference being, they were lucky enough to kill the suppressed tribes from the eastern side and capitalize their resources. Even today, their economy relies on expatriates, who are treated at their disposal. Not a very smart thing to do! The hatred these guys have intrigued into the rest of the world will show up one fine day. And then, all I hope, unlike this imbeciles, is that they change. But wait, thats not possible. Coz these motherfuc*ers take pride in what they are! lol!…a fact evident in the comments posted above.
    And thats the reason these guys can never grow beyond their women slavery, faggot habits, their kabsa and shisha!

  7. As a Saudi Arabian born Foreigner, i agree with some parts of your article, other points are somethings you don’t have enough knowledge about, just one of the example i can put here is Polygamy…here you are venting out on the fact that your stay in Saudi Arabia was f***d up so you decided to bring up this “problem” according to you, as something completely wrong against humanity. Dude, read the Bible…Solomon had 700 wives, there you had no objection…but here you have a strong objection to people marrying four wives.

    Why the double standards?…..either ways I am not a big fan of Saudi Arabia as it is not a Muslim state, it is a country who’s existence is merely based on Desert Pirates,( The Royal Family) naming the country after themselves and running it as a family business,and this country has nothing to do with Islam, it claims to be a Muslim state yet there is nothing they do which is according to Islam. These ignorant Bedouins have no clue as to where the world is and where they are. Life in Saudi Arabia is pointless,Bullshit,and a complete waste of time.. i agree, but don’t judge the religion based on these F****** Arabs.

    Anyways Saudis, Fuck you all date brains!

    1. Solomon having 700 wives is just as believable as jacking calling down from the hill and breaking his crown.
      The bible is a collection of fairy tales, as are the rest of the abrahamic books.
      A father that is willing to cut the throat of his own son, a flood and an ark that had one of each species on it, a talking snake…

  8. I understand that maybe to you dude, but to the rest that’s not the case. Your anger is towards Saudis and how your parents forced you to believe in some thing that you have questions about when you see people doing the opposite of what religion tells them to do….and maybe you had a horrible experience like i did, in your past during your stay in Saudi Arabia…that makes you hate Saudi Arabia and the religion there…it is quiet understandable. Just a friendly advise…Ponder over why you are here?, whats the purpose of all this around us…because you know as well as i do that nothing a man creates for no purpose…same case is for us…forget the “fairy Tales”…and focus on yourself as a human and try to figure out what you can do to improve the your part fuck the rest.

  9. Whatever you have said here is absolutely true my friend. Have worked in saudi for 2 years and seen those dumb mother fucking Saudi assholes, i left my job because i started hating this fucking country.
    Given a nuke i will blow of this country.

    All those frustrated idiots of Saudi would definitely comment against your blog…. You know what Saudis its the bitter truth fuckers.

    You fuck sheep man awwww and most of you are gays.

    Poor saudi liberals please leave that fucking country guys.

    Fucking laws n fucking king n his fucking spies n police and the most fucked up muttawas. Has god told u to do all this mother fuckers?

  10. Now, their counterparts, the Saudi women, do take a particular ****** to the Indonesian drivers. Well, they get that, since they do not get to drive themselves, they just let the drivers ****** them.


  11. I would nuke your moms butt, bitch if you don’t like KSA then leave it, why did even bother to come at first?!!! you have stolen our jobs and our lives, you’ve voilated our own human rights, and you come over here to swear at us and offend us, FUCK YOU AND THE WHOLE ELEPHANT-SHIT-LIKE-FACES YOU CALL INDIANS!!!!! IF I COULD WIPE YOU FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! I won’t hesitate a second!!!

  12. KSA is ruined because of these germs (the expats) especially the elephant-turd indians and bengalis and pakistanis and only some few traitors arabs.

    1. KSA is ruined because you bedouins are illiterate and extremely lazy,and too stupid to believe your own government. The government tells you that expats took your jobs,so expats are a plague?…hah! why wont they stop giving out visas to foreigners from the other side, because they care about the money more than the saudi people…so STOP BITCHIN KID!!

      And all of your military defense, your security, your land architect, your oil extraction…is has been and is being done by foreigners.
      Because you people wouldnt know how to take care of things.

  13. Oh, I wish I didn’t enjoy reading this so much. Such woman hating creeps. Makes my old sputhern cowboy with a beer in a pickup truck look like salvation. Give me a drink cowboy, ur the best civilization has to offer.

  14. True, that’s only a tiny part of the story .. I am trying to leave this prison in any possible way out there, only It’s tough for me cause I am already in the 3rd year of my degree and trying to transfer for the past year. but I will keep trying.

    Atheist in a religious family 😦

    1. Good luck brother. You are brave and for that, I salute you. Anyone who has the ability to see through all the bullshit, government / religion, needs to GTFO because there’s no saving that forsaken hellhole of a country.

      Every country, including all wealthy western ones, have issues. But the citizens have the ability to speak up and voice concerns. Poor African countries have that ability to a certain extent also. It takes a special kind of nasty that makes countries like Saudi Arabia and North Korea the bottom of every list.

  15. Rich? Richer than any country? Ahahahah. You are not richer than USA, Japan, Germany, etc. You are the slave and an a main asslicker off U. S. A! It is a fact! You exist bc you lazy fucks have oil underneath your dicks but nothing else! All your military equipment is also from USA and the western world! The minute the western world cut the ties with your LAZY asses, you would be nothing! Plus richer is not only about money you idiot. Funny how you are thinking having loads of money means being rich! (UNDESERVED/WITHOUT WORKING IN YOUR LIFE) I know many people who have money but have miserable lives bc they don’t know how to be happy with smaller things unlike you fucks. I can have all the money but what is the purpose of being rich when you are not allowed do shit in your country! I repeat, you are NOTHING if you have no oil. You have ZERO production of anything to yourselves or to the world. You don’t produce shit. Even your Arab neighbors hate you! UAE even looks down on you! At least they saw the reality that they won’t have oil in the future and converted their country to something desirable! What the fuck did you guys do so far for the world than enslaving poor ass workers from poor countries and fucking, raping them in your beds! No one is jealous about your shitty ass, corrupt, inhumane, slave loving country bc you don’t have shit to be proud of. You call yourselves Muslim but you are the biggest hypocrites in Islam. Greedy ass towel heads living in stone age.

  16. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 13 years. I lived on a western-style compound. I would have been too afraid to live off compound for security reasons.
    There are undoubtedly some Saudis who hate foreigners and would harm them if they could. This is a fact derived from newspaper reports over the past 15 years of Saudis shooting foreigners in Riyadh and elsewhere.
    In the course of my work I had extensive exposure to Saudis. I found them well-educated, professional, hard-working, caring, devoted to their families and children, friendly, humourous, diligent and sincere in their religious duties.
    I assume that some of the commentators had bad experiences with Saudis. But I found them to be lovely people. I made friends with some of them. They were very open about the flaws in their society. They are well aware of them and many would like change. But they are wise enough to know that change comes naturally over time and should not be forced on people.
    So far as I am aware all the Saudis whom I met had one wife to whom they were devoted. They did not have extra-marital girlfriends. When I went with them on business trips abroad they did not seek out prostitutes or take alcohol. They behaved as perfect gentlemen. None of them were homosexuals or drug takers or rapists. None of them were intemperate. They were kind and gentle and extremely polite.
    I am aware that bad things happen in Saudi Arabia and that Saudi society, like western societies, harbours deeply evil individuals. Some years ago there was an appalling case in London where a Saudi prince murdered a black man whom he had used as a sex slave. This case was covered in the UK press. However it would be unfair, just because there are some bad Saudis, to give the impression that all Saudis are immoral or hypocrites. I know from my experiences that such an impression is totally untrue.
    I observed that the foreigners who did not get on well with the Saudis were ones who came to the Kingdom not willing to accept that every country and society is different. So they would unfavourably compare what they found in Riyadh with how things were done in New York. Saudis are patriotic like everyone else. They do not like their country being compared unfavourably to other places. Privately they acknowledge flaws. But they do not appreciate foreigners on arrival declaring how awful they find the country or complaining about the absence of alcohol or complaining about the inconveniences of Ramadan. Naturally the Saudi will ask, Why did you come here if you find our country not to your liking, and that being the case, why don’t you go back where you came from? Hardly an unreasonable question.
    I am appalled by the hateful descriptions of Saudis used by some commentators. I have visited other Arab countries and I would prefer Saudi Arabia above them all because the Saudis are direct and straightforward. They are good people no different from those of western countries.
    I do not normally post comments but I feel compelled to make a post so as to counterbalance some of the views above which do not reflect my own experience of working with Saudis over 13 years.

    1. Dude. Maybe you should come back to reality. The fact that you live in a foreign compound and are afraid to leave it for sake of security SAYS IT ALL. You have the gall to call out the commentator’s emotional belligerency as one-sided, but provide weak anecdotal praise on the contrary.

      This guy was nice. That guy was smart. Feel free to comment on the situation of women’s rights. Oh right… you’d have to be a complete misogynist to be A-OK living there and have zero to say about half of the population.

      Would you live there if you were a female?

      Have you read ANY of the endless reports on human rights abuse or are you too shielded off from the rest of Saudi society in the compound of yours? Your wall of text merely points out that you are the highest caliber shill among shills. If there wasn’t any money there for you, you’d be on your knees begging for the western world.

  17. Wow. Funny how the comments from those still living in the middle east are so proudly declared, completely blind to the sub-human culture that has not seen progress while the rest of the world has moved forward. The Lebanese, Syrians, Arabs, Iraqi, Pakistani, and all the other Islamic nations that wallow in ignorance, living in a world that time and intelligence and compassion have forgotten, not to mention, living in a world that preaches against progress but does all they can to strengthen its influence by using means conceived and provided by western technology, in the height of hypocrisy. They all want to appear pure and good but with their backward segregation of sexes, the result is many muslim men fucking little boys. Because that’s what Allah wants. He was an ass fucker, too. Rot in the Hell that you made, and fist-fuck your own face to death.

  18. You dickheads despite the lies you have said we are proud we are not westerners where our wives, daughters and sisters are not getting fucked every night in night clubs and striptease and not involved in gays or lesbians marriages which even animals feel ashamed of.

    i am supervised you have the courage to crises other when in fact most of the Arab prostitutes everywhere even in western countries are Lebanese

  19. I was raised in KSA a well.
    I would request the westerners to analyse things without making the west a benchmark! Please don’t compare but try to understand their norms and concept which may greatly different. I’m sorry, but the writer here focusing more on spillages that every society has of its own.

    1. I’m an American senior executive technologist being asked to work on a project for KSA. All my research tells me I shouldn’t go as a woman. I have decades of experience and am well respected. Tell me how the traditions of this country can take advantage of that experience? FYI even the male experts in my company don’t want to to spend time in Saudi.

      Can you defend the brain drain based on your prejudices?

      1. Well that is a tough one! You are going to give up several liberties, right to drive, go out in public on your own, cat-calls, a change in wardrobe, diet, list is longer, but you get the point.
        If it is a short term assignment, and the money is enticing enough, you may be able to pull through.
        Remember, if a crime, any crime is committed, the guilty party is always the non-Saudi!

        p.s. Dont go… 🙂

  20. There is so much to point out about this article that I don’t know where to start. I recently moved back to UK after spending 2 years in Saudi and UAE and I have lived in Saudi and I can tell you it’s not fun. Few things are exaggerated I.e the rain dance 😂..but yeah it’s a hell hole. Even Saudis don’t like it there. It’s because of Makkah and Madina that a country like Saudi is safe or America would bring democracy to it n demolish it like Libya, Iraq to name a few. Majority of Saudi in the big cities MAYBE ok but trust me they do have the tendency to turn nasty in a split second. Fortunately or unfortunately I had the opportunity to work with high profile individuals so my life was always on the line, surely you don’t want to upset the almighty. Any Saudis who have the nerve to come up here n dispute it please don’t give us nonsense we all know once the oil runs out no more petro dollars for you lot so if I was you I would stop doing whatever obnoxious activity you have engaged yourself in n start focusing on how not to get your arse kicked in the near future…learn from UAE.

    Ps. kick the Al Saud family out.

  21. I’m ashamed of being a Saudi because women are treated like second class citizens who are not allowed to drive which really doesn’t make sense and they get blackmailed, harassed or raped by male drivers while the so-called Muslim conservative society turns a blind eye to their suffering, there are no laws that protect them from sexual and domestic abuse, and little girls as young as 10 are forced into marrying wealthy men over 60 and 70. The majority Saudis are lazy, arrogant, entitled, racist, cruel and greedy assholes who think they’re better than everybody else, they treat poor foreign workers like garbage and they don’t get punished for it. Even their kids are spoiled little fucks who lack discipline and manners. When you walk down the streets you’ll see people throwing litter everywhere and reckless drivers who deliberately violate traffic laws as they risk the lives of other drivers and pedestrians which is why our streets are the most dangerous places in the country. There are no movies, music festivals, theaters and nightclubs because our government adopted this disgusting Sharia law that has banned all forms of arts and entertainment which explains why many Saudis escape to Bahrain and the UAE on every weekend so they could do whatever they want without being targeted by the religious police who are also turning people’s lives into a living hell because those Taliban-like thugs harass individuals for violating Islamic laws and physically attack them for no reason, unfortunately they’re above the law and no one can sue them. It’s a shame we live in the 21st Century and yet we’re stuck in the Dark Ages thanks to those retards who use religion to terrorize people.

    1. Alright.

      You’re pretty right about the kids being spoiled fucks, and there are some arrogant bastards in this country, but there’s still some pretty good people out there.
      I’m not saying I’m an angel compared to the rest of this society, but I’m certainly not as naive or as arrogant as the rest of this population. When you think about it, all they need is a little push to knowledge, and someone who is willing to teach them important shit.
      In a way, you can fix this by becoming an advocate, such as I, and actually fix this instead of complaining about it.

      – mob.

  22. The Saudi religion

    In Islam, a female Muslim has the same commitments accurately as male Muslims, and in the same manner.

    Women are free to sing, change the tone of their voice, and communicate with men freely, such how a man can, like friends, not lovers. The same with same sex friends. However, the Saudi religion doesn’t agree, it demands females to speak “like a rude official man” in the presence of men.

    Saudis think women would dream of segregation if they thought they can work as eastern dancers freely! Lowly Saudis. In contrast, all female Muslims are happy in their societies, even in the free first world. They visit Makkah and get back, never thinking of a Saudi life nor a Taliban society.

    Islam encourages liberalism in the religion, we should only commit to the definite clear orders of God and the messenger. In the other hand, whatever some scholars say we should or we shouldn’t, other scholars refuse this or say nothing, we should only reject the scholars with indefinite teachings

    Hanbli-Wahabi school(the Saudi religion) is a radical and drastic school since its development, and reflecting the teaching of its founder Imam Ibn-Hanbal.

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