Fool Tamees


Fool is like a curry made of peas. Back in the day, Fool really had no taste at all, they put some sort of spices on it to give it a bit of a taste. Tamees on the other hand is huge piece of fast baked flat bread circular in shape with sprinkled sesame seeds on top.

So Fool or Fasolia can be cooked with kidney beans in the form of a puree, added to it are tomatoes, garlic and possibly jalapenos. The pot that you see on the right is what the thing is cooked in. You may or maynot like fool, but one thing I can guarantee you, after eating fool, you will feel, pressure build in your stomach, and intermittent release of the pressure through orifices of your body. Kidney beans smell will follow that pressure release. Also accompanying the release will be at times unbearable odour.

Tamees, is a flat bread, a variant of a side that is staple in most of south and middle east. The Fool Tamees business is one that was part taken over by Bengalis, but mostly taken over by the Afghanis.



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