An Iqama is an ID document that all non Saudis carry. If you are not white, odds are walking through the mall, a Saudi police man will ask you for one. He will be either ridiculously obese, or ridiculously malnutritioned, but ask for your iqama he will. The regular term for asking for the iqama is, hath iqama, which means give me your iqama. If at that point you do not have one on you, you might have forgotten it at home, you are in trouble. Like deep trouble. You are going to jail, and will be deported back to your country of origin.

So this guy, and this is a true story, went to the market to get a bag of flour. The poor soul forgot to take his iqama with him. With a bag of flour in his hand, he was walking towards his car, so he could drive back home, when a boolean variant of the Saudi police approached him. The guy froze, hath iqama the variant commanded. The guy put down the bag of flour, reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and indeed, he did not have an iqama on him. That is the worst crime that he could have committed. Well he could have denounced Mohammed, but for the moment, he just forgot his iqama. Well what followed was a booking, three nights in jail, a deportation, and him landing at Karachi International Airport, with his bag of flour in his hand!

The Saudi Greeting


2 thoughts on “Iqama

  1. يحرق كسمين امك يابن الملعونة العاهرة,,,, هندي بنغالي اخو قحبة ابول على راسك امك
    مال امك صلاح فينا انقلع الى المجاري الي كنت عايش فيها في دكا مدري بومباي,, تفووو على أكبر واحد فيكم,, تف تف تف على جثة غاندي,, أتغوط بفم بوذا على كريشنا على كل الهند وكل بنغلاديش وكل باكستان وايران

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