Monday is humpday!

The week starts on Saturday, and Wednesday is the weekend, confused? Join the club. TGIF is still called TGIF, which is sort of funny, it should be called FGIF, SGIF, SMBIFA suck my balls its Friday again, Lick my dick its Friday again. Well it is what I felt like on Fridays. For starters, you had to put on your best, get ready and go to the gang bang places to offer your Friday prayers, a fair bit like the Christians going to church, less dramatic however. You all got together in these lavish looking architectural monuments. This guy climbed these stairs, and for hours on end just rambled on, talking, shouting, shaking, jerking, mostly talking about the g man. Maybe only the g man knew what he was talking about for I had no clue! Those that did know what he was talking about, suggested that he talked about putting bombs around their waists and blowing themselves up. He probably also talked about the 70 odd virgins and how they liked it in every imaginable place. No wonder every one liked to go to these places, its the only form of entertainment they had.

Sometimes, if you were late, there was no room inside the mosque, which meant that you had to sit outside in the heat. This one time (at bang camp) I was taking a shower, and got late, so my father took off without me, to which I said, Eureka! So the next week I was in the shower forever, and when I got out, my father was still waiting for me. Turns out, he had found out this other gang bang place where the bang took place a little later. Only when we got there, there were so many bangers at the place that the inside was all full. So we sat outside in the scorching heat. From next week, however, he didn’t really care if I was watching TV, doing my homework, reciting the Quran, raising money for the kids dying of AIDS in africa, at 10, he just shoved me into the shower!

Sleep all day, eat all night, I am in Makkah Bitch!


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