Sleep all day, eat all night, I’m in Makkah bitch!

Once a year, for an entire month, the whole country reverses their biological clocks. They sleep all day, eat all night, gain another 100 or so pounds, and then at the end of the month, they thank the lord for ending the misery that they were in! Televisions run special programs in the evenings, feasts abound, even the construction workers work at night. All the markets remain open till like three, in the morning. Sounds a bit like Rio during the festival. You could throw some beads at a Saudi woman, and she might lift her veil and show you her face! Saudi woman throws the bead at the man, Saudi man catches it, holds it in his hand, and starts counting the number of stones in it.

That is a common sight in KSA however. Most funny Saudi men will walk around with a set of beads in their hands while running their hands through them. Supposedly, they are reciting some weird shit from the Koran. So, for a month, the month of Ramadan, KSA turns into Brazil, minus the babes, bikinis, booze…bam!


7 thoughts on “Sleep all day, eat all night, I’m in Makkah bitch!

  1. You are so smart to say “shit from the quran”. It is shit, and plagiarized shit at that. KSA is such a shit hole

  2. who are you? where are you from? you have nothing to do except for attacking ksa..!! you’re sick… piss on your granderparent’s grave!!!! fuck you fuck india fuck bombai fuck dhaka fuck tehran

    1. fuck the Ksa and you terrorist supporting wahabi fucks; eat a dick @nameless cause we know you aren’t getting any consentual pussy you turban wearing 9/11 supporting douchebags sit on your fist and then kill yourself and do the world a favor please

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