The Nine O’Clock News

So the Saudi TV channels are as much of a complete mess as the rest of the country. Heavily censored, extremely boring and full of funny looking male Saudis. At 9 pm everyday however, they have the evening news. The news hour lasts an hour or so. The last fifteen minutes is sports, the fifteen minutes before is stories on how global events are shaping with a funny Saudi perspective. The first 30 minutes, well they are all about who the King greeted at his Palace.

So for 30 minutes, you see the King standing up, wearing his robes, and shaking hands with people. I have no idea who these people are, but they are funny. So they all form a line, bow to the King, shake and kiss his hand, and walk on. Occasionally, the King will hand some of them an envelope. Mostly however, they kiss the hand, and they move on!

Fool Tamees


3 thoughts on “The Nine O’Clock News

  1. have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? cuz you look like an elephant turd, it’s disgusting not even funny..

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