The Yemeni Factor

The Disappearing of the Yemenis

Back in the day, KSA was full of Yemenis. These guys were actually funnier than the Saudis. They wrapped a sheet of cloth around their legs, and wore a shirt on top. Most Yemenis would actually carry a small dagger in the belt that they adorned on the sheet. Rarely would you see an obese Yemeni. Even more rare was a Yemeni taller than 5 and half feet.

The most prominent of the Yemenis was a guy called Zaki Yamani. He held the prestigious position of Petroleum Minister in the Government. He was perhaps one of the few, if not the only one who actually did not belong to the royal family. The rest of the Yemenis, well they sold fruits on the streets changed tires, engine oils, ran gas stations, did the 2 Riyal shawerma (the Lebanese did the 5 Riyal shawerma) had the fool tamees shops. Fool Tamees is so important and vital to the Saudi culture, that I will do a separate post on it.

So one fine day, we woke up to find that Saddam Hussein had attacked Kuwait and taken over the oil rich state. The Saudis were shit scared, so they ran to Daddy Sam. Daddy Sam hugged the funny Saudis, and said, daddy gonna take care of you. So daddy Sam, and Bush senior was in office, having a torrid time of it, went to the UN. They presented a resolution, a motion that was favored by all in the then Security Council members except for Cuba and…wait for it…Yemen!

Now Castro was a bit of an asshole, we all knew that, most of all JFK. Yemen was supposed to be a friend. Within the next week or so, surprisingly, all the Yemenis disappeared. Including Zaki Yamani. The Saudis were smarter than to just wipe out an entire race of people from their country. They decided to replace them with another race. One that looked exactly the same. The replacement race may not be able to speak Arabic though, but they would live with it. So the scouts were set lose, they roamed and they searched, high and low, far and wide. And they came back to the King’s court. What say you, the King asked the scouts in a feeble voice, Ya Malik, we have found it! Excellent, where is it, Ya Malik, it is in Bangladesh, they even like to eat Fish, only they call it moosli!

And just like that, an entire race of Yemenis disappeared, and in their place, came in the Bengalis. They wore the same sheets, smelt like shit, were no taller than 5 and half feet, sold the veggies on the streets, ran the gas stations, did the 2 Riyal shawerma et al

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5 thoughts on “The Yemeni Factor

  1. The economy has nothing to do with changing races, though you might be sarcastic and funny, but there’s more factors involved.

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